For Parents

Daily Routines

Both Before and After School Care sessions have limited structured programming in order to maintain a relaxed and recreational time for the children in our care.<

The daily routine and daily activities/menu notices are displayed,  Although the routine remains relatively unchanged, the daily activities change weekly whilst maintaining some flexibility to cater for the children's individual interests as well as weather demands and climate changes.

The afternoon's daily special activity (such as a cooking activity, game or craft)
is also displayed on the noticeboard.


Before School Care                           $18.50  per day
Breakfast                                            $2.50

After School Care                             $23.00  per day

Family Enrolment:                           $15.00   per year per family

A late fee of $5.00 per 10 minutes (or part thereof) is applied to accounts for collection of children after 6pm.  Absences must be notified to the Centre by 2.00pm on the day of expected attendance. Non-notification of any change in attendance arrangements will attract the usual attendance fee under the CCB “Absences” system.  Full session fees apply thereafter.

A teeth cleaning pack (toothbrush & tooth paste) can be purchased for $1 per year.


General Rules

  1. Be safe and keep others safe too
  2. Be respectful of other people and their belongings
  3. Show you care about yourself and others by how you speak and by your actions

For more ideas about how we can use these rules a poster is displayed on the noticeboard in the Centre.  The rules have been developed in consultation with the children and all children agreed that these rules will help them feel safe and allow them to have fun in our Centre.





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3.00pm – 6.00pm
during public school term